A call to Heartwisdom in our changing times

An Introduction to Heartwisdom

This is the first of a coming series of videos about Heartwisdom.

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The Great Separation Paradox

We are one and we are separate.

How does that work?
Simply – we don’t know. However, this is my theory based what life and love have taught me.

We are localized, temporary creatures, arising out of the union of the human collective unconscious and human biology. Which in turn are the product of the general collective unconscious and Gaia (physical world). These in turn are the product of the union of cosmic consciousness and the cosmos (physical reality). Which are given rise to from the union of energy and intention, that arose from the first bifurcation, or splitting in two, of the ultimate ineffable: Love, Source, the Mystery, call it what you will. Therefore both physically and consciously we are the direct descendants from the one ultimate source through a complex series of unions and bifurcations.

So why doesn’t it look or feel like that?
Because we are local and temporal for one thing. And because separation is essential to the flow of the cosmos; we must become something distinct that recombines with another something distinct to form that which is new. This is as true of sexual reproduction as it is of the development of human consciousness.

So why don’t we know or remember this consciously?
Because if we did, what would be the motivation to take on the challenges of individual birth, life and death – would we even bother trying? Probably not, and that would gum up the works! The species would be unable to serve the purpose of the Divine*. Unless, however, we felt confident in the Divine, Its purpose and our ability to live into that purpose. Up until relatively recently most of humanity lacked the maturity or level of evolution necessary to have that kind of confidence. There was purpose to our fear and ignorance to the extent that it preserved the species until we reach this water-shed stage of evolution where we can shift from a fear-based life to a love-based life. If we can live from a place of love not only could we, but we will, have the felt sense unity with each other.

Might this not feel a little crazy-making, “I’m separate and joined” at the same time?
Only if we stay with the linearity of fear based reasoning. Fear based reasoning says that there is one good answer out of all the possible answers and only finding that one certainty is worth doing. I say this is fear based because it is based on the fear uncertainty, of the unknown. Knowledge is power is the old saying, and power is what we crave for if we don’t have the confidence born of love – commonly called faith. Faith allows us to stand comfortably in the paradoxes of life and stay open to fearlessly face learning and experience. It is the opposite of the old paradigm cycle of fear – power – absolutism and violence that has created our history over the last 8 – 10,000 years. You can have your individuality and be in unity too! You just have to accept it to make it so.

*I believe that the Divine purpose of manifest reality, of life in general and certainly of our lives in particular could be stated as: To become the most perfect possible dynamic balance of consciousness (or spirit) in matter and matter made conscious (or inspired).

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